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The class will be two half-day classes.
Three sizes to choose:
 Mini - 14" x 17"
Bit Bigger than Mini - 30" x 39"
Throw - 73" x 85"
Choosing Fabrics:       While this is a scrappy quilt, I like to have some organization to the scraps.  For this quilt, I choose a focus fabric as one of my fabrics – something with many colors – and then I take out every fabric in my stash that plays well with the focus fabric.   Kits can be ordered for this class. Let me know your color preferences and I will put together a kit for you. Price dependent on size chosen. Get in touch.
o  In the first class, we will discuss your fabric selections, analyze the different sizes of the quilt (you will receive the instructions for all three sizes) cut and sew strips.  I will demonstrate the bargello process and if time allows, get you started on the row construction.
o  Second class will be the construction, design layout and completion of the final quilt. 
The process of making the quilt is easy, quick and very satisfying.   Good techniques will be taught including shortcuts to speed along the process.  It’s the kind of quilt that will be a ‘go-to’ when you need a gift or a cozy lap quilt for yourself.