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First Quilts

What does your first quilt look like?  Do you remember?  Do you still have it?  How does it compare with your recent work?

This is Jen's first quilt.  Not sure of the year.  She unexpectedly joined my group of friends at the Paul Smith Quilt Camp in upstate NY.  She was stepping in for someone who couldn't attend, so she took the classes that were for the other person.  

​A portrait class taught by Faye Anderson was Jen's first introduction to quilting.  Her artistic skills in school were good and I always encouraged her to do more and find her niche.  

This is Jen's self-portrait - she changed her hair to red since I was a redhead and always wanted a redheaded child. About 10" square and has become our logo.

So why not revisit your early work for inspiration and to check out just how far you have come. 


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